Special Metals

With the help of our contacts and experience in the field of special metals, as well as our network of contractors and manufacturers, we are able to offer you the highest possible quality at the best possible price!

Our strengths:

  • Finished parts according to drawings, samples or sketches made of these special metals
  • Short delivery times, on-time delivery as well as good objective advice

Forms of delivery: Sheets, strips, bars, blanks, profiles, rounds, rings and wires.

The special metals are available in all dimensions.

More information about:

Copper / Tungsten Copper / Special Metals

Copper alloys: Cu-Cr-Zr – Cu-Co-Ni-Be – CuBe2 – Cu-Ni-Cr-Si
Application: welding technology, mold making, die casting piston, electrical engineering, etc.

Tungsten Alloys: W-Cu 60/40 W-Cu 70/30 W-Cu 75/25 W-Cu 80/20 as well as pure Tungston
Application : welding technology, electrical engineering, heavy current area (relay)

Special Metals: Molybdenum, TZM and Lanthanum
Application: Electrodes for electrical engineering also in soldered composite Cu-Cr-Zr

Brass / Bronze / Aluminum

Aluminum bronze alloys: AB 10 – AB 18 – AB 22 – AB 23 AB 24 – AB 25/26
Application: sliding bearings, sliding strips with special hardness

Bronze brass alloys: CuSn 4 – CuSn 6 – CuSn8 – CuSn10 oder CuZn10 – CuZn15 – CuZn20 – CuZn30
Application: Bearing bushes, sliding strips

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